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Legendary German Cars


Legendary German Cars

Ruch Peter

Wydawca: White Star Publishers

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Opis produktu
The automobile was invented in Germany and historically, German manufacturers have always played a leading role in car design and construction. To this day, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and Porsche continue to be leaders in the automotive industry, producers of cars that represent the finest in design and function. Packed with hundreds of superb photographs accompanying an engaging, meticulously researched text, this handsome book tells the story of some of the world's most notable cars.

Automotive expert Peter Ruch delves into the history of such illustrious German models as the Benz Patent Motorwagen 1 of 1886, the pre-war racing cars, the ever-young Porsche 911, the BMW M3--the most successful sports car of all time--and the latest bestsellers from Stuttgart, Munich, and Ingolstadt. Pivotal models produced by Ford are included as well, including the Ford Taurus 12 M from 1952, the Ford Fiesta from 1976, and the Ford Modeo from 1993. Throughout the book, hundreds of archival photographs taken from a variety of perspectives depict the details and technological innovations that have continued to make German cars among the world's most sought-after, and introduce us to the key players behind the cars.

Auto enthusiasts of all ages will appreciate the fine photography and meticulous reconstruction of Germany's notorious automotive history.

Ruch Peter
White Star Publishers
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